Course curriculum

    1. Welcome & Roadmap (2m 59s)

    2. Request and create your free Gavel student account on the subdomain

    1. IMP NOTE: Recent updates to the CSS in the Gavel Platform (1m 3s)

    2. Overview of your Gavel Builder Playground Dashboard (6m 57s)

    3. Important Updates to the Gavel Editor and PDF Tagger! (6m 2s)

    4. Overview of your Gavel Editor (16m 12s)

    1. Question Types - Create a Master Reference Template (34m 15s)

    2. Output Documents - Word Docs, the Word Add-In, and API keys (17m 57s)

    3. Output Documents - Creating, uploading, and unlocking PDFs (7m 3s)

    4. Output Documents - Conditional documents, send to an email address or variable, and "Do not display" buttons (5m 50s)

    1. General - The CSS, progress link, skip review page, languages, and delete workflow options (4m 1s)

    2. Customize Messages - Workflow completion, email, save link to continue later (5m 8s)

    3. Integrations - Zapier and webhooks (2m 13s)

    4. Access Permissions - Anyone with link v. Logged in users only (2m 47s)

    1. Document Templates, Images, and adding videos to your workflows (6m 48s)

    1. Congrats & Next Steps (2m 27s)

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